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Our group is all over the world, Luna is in Indonesia, Michelle is in South Korea, and Lara is in New York. Even though we're all in very different cultures, one comonality is that we all love sushi!


This is where Michelle orders sushi.

I enjoy having Omakase regularly.
It's great to taste various sushi in one meal.
And they change the menu every season so you can have the sushi
made with the best ingredients.

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This is where Luna orders sushi.

This is how the system of the restaurant works. You order the sushi using an iPad and it delivers the sushi through a train!

This is my go-to sushi order. It's a Garlic Salmon Roll priced for $3.3.

luna's go-to

This is where Lara orders sushi.

Usually I prefer to go out, but because of covid I order. Aside from the food, I also appreciate their design and packaging. The details are great!

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If we were in the same place, maybe we could learn to make sushi together.

Here's an insightful infographic on how to roll your own sushi!
sushi infographic